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Court update

Last week the defense requested a plea agreement. They requested second degree murder which comes with a sentence 16 to 21 years. Today our family has taken a devastating blow. The homicide panel agrees to this plea. They are hesitant to go to trial, out of fear a jury will drop it to manslaughter since they consider it a "crime of passion.

Why should a crime of passion be treated any different?! This guy ended her life! Ended her family's life as it should have been. Ended everything that one was all because he couldn't control himself during a fit of rage.

The laws are supposedly made to protect the innocent, but what about protecting the value of the victims? No murderer should be free! The law says they have human rights well in my opinion the Murderers lose their humanity once they end a life. There is no reason for a murderer to be out walking our streets again. They don't deserve a second chance the victims didn't get one, why should they?!

April Barbosa

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