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There are so many wonderful beautiful memories that run through my head whenever I think of you but today it's hard to focus. Today I am...

Sentencing update

Through an error in the court system, sentencing was cancelled today. They realized their error in classing the sentencing as a...


He was given a plea of second degree murder 16 to 25 years. Sentencing will be March 23 at 11 Everyone is welcome to write a letter to...

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Through the eyes of a grieving mother And A glimpse through the eyes of a grieving father

Court update

Last week the defense requested a plea agreement. They requested second degree murder which comes with a sentence 16 to 21 years. Today...

Volunteers needed

Justice for Rosaura is looking for reliable, dedicated volunteers. We are looking for people who want to work with clients and also...

Court update

The defense is asking for for a plea of 2nd degree murder, which has a sentence of 10-25 years. The decision goes to the homicide panel...

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